Crystal medal


Currently there are many production addresses and provide crystal for customers to choose. Each unit will have products with quality, design as well as different prices for customers to choose. Crystal Binh Minh is currently a quality, cheap crystal factory in Hanoi, which is chosen by many customers today.

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Crystal production workshop offers beautiful appearance products

The reason for the current favorite crystal products is in purity as well as soft lines that are characteristic of each product. This aesthetics will depend on the production facility with the design, the system of machinery as well as the level of the production team. Crystal Binh Minh is confident to bring the most beautiful products suitable for each customer.

The perfect cosmetic products

We have a team of professional designers to bring beautiful products, perfect according to customer requirements. The combination of aesthetics along with the meaning, the message wants to send will bring a beautiful product as well as suitable for the purpose for customers.

Manufactured according to customer requirements

Currently, Binh Minh crystal factory is producing products according to customers ‘orders to get products that meet customers’ requirements. This suitability from intended use. When you want to choose a gift for whom, under what conditions, what images do you want to store? Just tell us the requirements will be met in a perfect way.

Get production according to each customer’s requirements

Get production in different quantities according to customer requirements to fit the needs of use. Customers can request to print different logos, images, messages as required to create products with separate marks.

When looking for a production address, price is definitely a factor that many customers are interested in today. Sure, everyone wants to choose an address with a low price, but at the same time, it still needs to ensure the quality and aesthetics of each product. And Binh Minh crystal factory will be the address not to be missed to help bring you the most value.


The products have reasonable prices

We are committed to the best prices for customers who choose to place orders at their premises. The direct booking without intermediaries helps get the best price and you can fully monitor the implementation process to ensure the progress and quality of your shipment.

The variety of products in design, form materials help customers have beautiful products. Commitment to quality helps you to have high durability products. Along with that is the best price that helps bring the most value. For these reasons, a crystal factory would be an option not to be missed. Website: