The cup samples honor and their meaning


Trophy trophy is a symbolic gift for the victory, affirming the will to rise of themselves and individuals overcome all difficulties and challenges. Therefore, the cup when delivered to any individual or collective that has tremendous significance, is the most encouraging pride. Currently, there are quite a lot of trophy models to honor selected units when awarding cup to each object.

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The cup model honors the current popular

Cup is a symbol we often see in the occasion of honoring the achievements and contributions of individuals and collectives who strive hard in sports, art or honor events, events. important business organization. Compared to other material values, the cup of honor is a great meaningful gift, confirming that individual achievements have been achieved, making great contributions to the whole team and deserve to be honored.

Cup honoring the star
Currently, the cup used increasingly popular in life. In particular, the crystal cup is more widely chosen because of its relatively reasonable price, shiny materials, elegance and affirming its value. The common trophy models are designed in specific shape such as:

– Top and star triangular crystal trophies: This cup is usually awarded to individuals with outstanding achievements in business activities.

– Pyramid and cylindrical crystal cup: Offering to individuals who have made great efforts to show their strength and success.

– Pillar crystal cup: Confirms the rise and solidity in work and life

– Hand-shaped crystal trophy: Significant to show the optimism and success of the individual who contributes greatly to the collective

– Crystal-shaped crystal cup: Honoring global achievements, for the development of society.

These cup samples are basic, when expressed will have a completely different look, diverse, breaking ways to assert a more unique.

Order honors cup upon request

Normally, the above mentioned trophy models are the most basic and popular. However, when giving, the units must design to make the most beautiful, delicate and meaningful. This requires the cup production unit to be experienced, have good staff, high aesthetics and modern printing technology.

The trophy samples beautifully

Each trophy, when designed, must fully express its meaning from images, colors, words. To ensure the beautiful cup quality, choose a reputable design and production unit, using pure crystal with the brightest and most durable color. Do not use fragile glass crystal, does not show the elegance of the product.